Donald Trump Emoji Keyboard

Since earlier this year, we got someone who claims to make America great again. Even though the subject is not quite relevant to his actions and the American public is quite vocal with their opinions about their dislike in the political actions which are being taken. In a scenario like this, Donald Trump emoji can at least make the emoji game great again. It’s no new information that we all love emojis to make our virtual conversations lively. Even though we have a lot of emojis already present to choose from, it’s never too late to add some more toThe post Donald Trump Emoji Keyboard appeared first on Download Emoji.

The Simpsons Emoji Keyboard

The Simpsons is probably the most liked animated TV series in the United States of America. People love watching this show because they like the comic actions of Homer Simpson and his hilarious family. They live in Springfield and now you have got a chance to include The Simpsons in your personal conversations. Use The Simpsons emoji and make this amazing buddy a way of expressing your feelings without words. The Simpsons Emoji Keyboard will allow you to share hundreds of cute emojis during all your personal chats. Of course, Simpsons emojis can express your sentiments better than the conventionalThe post The Simpsons Emoji Keyboard appeared first on Download Emoji.

Disney Princess Emoji Keyboard

Today we have something special for all the Disney lovers: Disney Princess Emoji. Disney princesses are clever, beautiful, charming, funny and we know that everyone has their favorite, but it doesn’t matter because this application features all your favorite Disney Princess such us Ariel, Cinderella, Moana, Rapunzel, Elsa, Pocahontas, Snow White, Mulan, and Jasmine, among many others. Disney Princess Emojis are now available for iOS and Android systems. You can use this application in any chat application, because they are consistent with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Kik, and Skype, among many others. Download it now, and you will beThe post Disney Princess Emoji Keyboard appeared first on Download Emoji.

Weed Emoji Keyboard

When you’re happy, you smile. When you are sad, you cry. But when you have weed, you get high. There is finally some high-quality weed emoji for you! You are not tripping my friend. The weed is everywhere. Weed Emojis is a free application designed with THC culture in mind. You can use it in any chat application like Kik, WhatsApp, Skype or Telegram and in any Social Media Network like us Facebook, Twitter and Instagram among many others. Also, this app is compatible with iOS and Android. Funny faces, marijuana leafs, hashed out smileys, green skinned, red eyed snoozers.The post Weed Emoji Keyboard appeared first on Download Emoji.

Sex Emoji Keyboard

Thousands of people over the world use their phones creatively for sexual communication, most known as sexting. But you will not have to use the eggplant icon like a penis again because there comes a new pack of adult emojis that will make us laugh and in turn raise the tone of the conversations. This funny and provocative emoticons are perfect for the ‘sexting‘. They have a broad range of characters and are divided into two categories: dirty and porn emojis. Dirty emojis contains spicy elements from various kinds but no explicit content at all while porn emojis have sexual contentThe post Sex Emoji Keyboard appeared first on Download Emoji.

The first trailer of “The Emoji Movie”

The monkey with the eyes closed, the woman dancing, the pile of poo… All make their appearance in the first advance of ‘The Emoji Movie‘, the film of Sony Pictures and Columbia that explores the universe of our smartphones and gives life to the most popular emoticons that appear in all conversations. According to the official synopsis; Textópolis is a bustling city where all your favorite emoticons live, waiting to be selected by the user of the phone. In this planet, each emoji has a unique facial expression, except in the case of Gene, an emoji enthusiast who was bornThe post The first trailer of “The Emoji Movie” appeared first on Download Emoji.

Minions Emoji Keyboard

Soon “Despicable Me 3” will be in all the cinemas and to be prepared for it’s premiere today we bring the Minions emoji. Minions are amazing, wonderful, awesome, cute and funny creatures. With the Minion Emoji Keyboard you will be able to share hundreds of cute emojis with all your friends and contacts. This app is compatible with both iOS or Android and it’s totally free. Also, you can use the Minion Emoji Keyboard in any chat app such as WhatsApp, Kik, Skype, or Telegram and any Social Media such us Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram among many others. EmojiThe post Minions Emoji Keyboard appeared first on Download Emoji.